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We Welcome Patients Who Have Had Unsuccessful Laser Treatment

Lizanne Furrow, certified electrologist at Angel Touch Electrolysis in Colonial Heights, has many happy customers who have thrown away their razor forever.

Completing her electrolysis training in 1984, Lizanne worked in her mother's electrolysis business for 14 years before moving to Colonial Heights in 1998.  Many clients had never heard of electrolysis, and had been tweezing, bleaching, shaving, and waxing to achieve only temporary relief.  Expensive laser hair removal has also been disappointing with poor results.  After initially coming to Angel Touch for problem hair, many are so pleased they continue treatment to work on other areas, such as eyebrows, underarms, or bikini line.

Angel Touch has grown and now has several electrologists, and also offers spa-type anti-aging skin-tightening treatments like Micro-Dermabrasion, Electronic Face-Lift, Botinol (a "no needle" line-relaxing treatment), and Collagen Restoration Facials.  Angel Touch has added special treatments and facials for acneic skin: Chemical Peel, Micro-Dermabrasion for acneic, scarred, pitted, or hyperpigmented skin.  The Mona Lisa Facial has been a great success and continues to be a popular facial. The addition of the Lumi-Cell Cellulite Reduction and Slimming Body Wraps are in great demand.  With the help of Angel Touch and the expertise in permanent hair removal, facials, and anti-aging treatments, men and women can regain a hair-free, more youthful appearance.

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Guardian Angel Takes Family of Sparrows Under Her Wings


Angel - Hair Removal Systems in Colonial Heights, VA
This pair of ruby-throated finches has made their nest and hatched five baby birds behind the angel at Angel Touch Electrolysis on the Boulevard.

COLONIAL HEIGHTS - We can't prove that birds have guardian angels, any more than we can prove that people do. But of all the places in Colonial Heights to build a nest, a family of ruby-throated finches picked the door wreath with the angel as the place to raise their babies.


Lizanne Gates Furrow, owner of Angel Touch Electrolysis on the Boulevard, said the birds have nested there for the past three or four years. "We think they build their nest behind the angel for protection," she said.

The little eggs have hatched now. As you walk by, the wreath on the door looks like any other wreath. But if you go in the front door at Angel Touch, you will see, behind the ribbon, tiny mouths opened in soundless cries as the baby birds wait for their parents to return and feed them.

The birds nesting at Angel Touch are members of the finch and sparrow family, the largest family of birds in the world, according to Peterson's "How to Know the Birds."

The family includes both the common house sparrow and more colorful birds such as the cardinal and goldfinch.

The nesting family belongs to a group that builds nests of fine twigs and weeds, usually more than five feet off the ground in trees or bushes. Peterson's "Guide" doesn't say anything about a fondness for angels when they build.

Four or five pale blue, brown-spotted eggs are laid at a time. The birds eat insects or wild fruits, when available.

Mama or daddy bird takes the arrival of customers as their cue to fly off, leaving the fledglings to the angel's care.

"In a few days they'll be standing on the nest, standing on the wreath," Furrow said. "They're growing so big, they hardly fit the nest any more. They're all scrunched in there."

All the eggs must have hatched, because there are four or five baby birds, Furrow said. "All the customers are watching them. They're so excited," she said.

Furrow believes the same pair of birds comes back every year. Last year, she said, the wreath was on the door, and the parents didn't like that arrangement. She now has the angel wreath in a secure spot on the wall beside the door.

It won't be long before the little finches fly off. Maybe the angel will still be watching. The Bible does say the Creator knows when a sparrow falls to earth.