“I had John L. Lewis Eye Brows from my Dad. Now I have movie star brows due to Angel Touch.” -JW, retired PM person

“I sought out services because I had unwanted facial hair. It was so aggravating finding the best hair removal system. My greatest fear was that I would actually increase the number of hairs by using varied methods. Since I started electrolysis, I have seen a drastic decrease in the appearance of hairs on my face and neck. Also, my appointments are becoming further and further apart! That is a good thing!”
-B J, systems analyst

“I took after my father — dark complexion, dark hair, a lot of dark facial hair. My mother, who has a light complexion and no facial hair, took me to an electrologist when I was 18, and I loved the results, but it was short-lived because I went away to college and then married and moved away from home. Over the next 30 years my facial hair problem got worse. I thought about electrolysis often during those years, and then one day I saw an advertisement for Angel Touch. I called for a consult and was invited to come in right away. I’ve been very pleased with the results and would recommend it to anyone who is embarrassed by unwanted facial hair.”
-Ann K.

“When I first started here my chin was discolored and I used to walk with my chin tucked down. Now the discoloration is gone and my skin is back [to] the normal color thanks to electrolysis.”
-D.E., administrative assistant

“Angel Touch has helped me to get rid of embarrassing/unwanted hair. Until now, I didn’t want people to look too closely at me, afraid they would notice. Thank you Angel Touch for helping me feel better about myself.”
-Jessaka S., planner/buyer

“I always suffered from razor burn in the summer, now my bikini line is smooth and tan without the itchy red bumps. This is the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I wish I had known about it years ago. I recommend it to everyone.”
-S.S., wrecker driver

“I was always so self-conscious of my facial hair. Being in a sales position required me to be face to face with all my customers and that became very uncomfortable. Since electrolysis I don’t have to concern myself with unsightly hair or stubbles that once hampered my ‘personal’ and professional relationships. The staff at Angel Touch Electrolysis is second to none. My life is better because of their expertise and I find myself wanting to share my experience with total strangers when I notice that they need help with their excessive hair growth.  A good friend recommended Angel Touch to me and I highly recommend them to you!”
No more embarrassment,
-P.J.T., sales

“Angel Touch has given me my confidence back. I now feel that when I am talking to people that they are looking me in my eyes rather than at the gray hairs on my face. I actually feel good about myself for the first time in years.”
-Lucille, retired

“The results are amazing!”
-N.S., Teacher

“I was scared to death! But the thought of all this facial hair was scarier! Elizabeth is the most soothing, calm person. She has made this process as pleasant as possible to the point I really look forward to my next visit”
-C.C., Gram

“Goodbye wax! Goodbye tweezers! Goodbye hair!”
-D.R., teacher

“I have been really pleased with the results of the treatments. It made my life much easier. Thanks.”
-BSC, retired

“I used to have lots of dark facial hair and electrolysis helps me feel better about myself!  Thanks.”
N.C., Pharmacy Tech

“It’s not just the great skin care, but the overall personal care.”
-Jeanne A., Editor