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Electrolysis - Electrolysis is recommended by the American Medical Association as the ONLY safe and permanent method of hair removal.
"We Welcome Patients Who Have Had Unsuccessful Laser Treatment"

Free Consultation - The Electrolysis Technicians at Angel Touch invite you to come in for a free confidential consultation.  We will be able to explain how electrolysis works and answer any questions you may have.  We can usually start your treatment the same day if you wish.

Hereditary Problems - Face it!  When you have dark hair - you need electrolysis.  Family history and genetics can play a part in the growth of unwanted facial and body hair.

Hormonal Problems - Natural hair growth patterns can be influenced by hormonal imbalance.  Pregnancy, birth control pills, hysterectomy, hormone replacement therapy, menopause, and even stress can cause shifts in hormone levels.

Professional Treatment - The Electrolysis technicians at Angel Touch are concerned about the success of your treatment.  We will advise you to see an endocrinologist if we notice any indication of a hormonal problem.  There is treatment to stop new hair growth, but electrolysis needs to be continued to get rid of the hair that has already grown.

Electrolysis:  Treatment for the Removal of Unwanted Hair
by - Amber Gordon, Certified Professional Electrologist, Master Esthetician

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Many people suffer from the physical and emotional effects of unwanted facial and body hair.  Adolescent girls, experiencing the hormonal changes of puberty, occasionally develop excessive facial hair on the mustache area, sideburns, cheek or chin.  This accelerated growth can cause embarrassment to teenagers and to adults.  The sensitivity of follicles in specific areas of the body to hormone stimulation can be illustrated by the concept of pubic and underarm hair development at the onset of puberty; hair begins to grow only in areas that are the most sensitive to early, mild hormonal elevation.  Hair growth on the stomach, breast, chest, neck, back, legs, and other areas may also follow male-pattern growth according to the sensitivity of the related follicles.  Hormonal fluctuations can stimulate growth during puberty and other typical periods of hormonal change like pregnancy, starting or stopping birth-control drugs, and menopause, as well as with certain diseases and medical treatments.  This growth is presented by hair of different strengths, varying from fine long accelerated hair to very coarse dark hair, including ingrown hair.  For treatable medical problems, the currently recognized treatment for excessive hair growth includes both drug therapy and electrolysis treatment.  Men and women alike also use electrolysis for cosmetic reasons.  Electrolysis is currently recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as the only safe and permanent method for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair, and is recommended for medical and cosmetic reasons.

Electrolysis was pioneered for hair removal in 1875 by Charles E. Michel, M.D. of St. Louis, Missouri for the removal of ingrown eyelashes.  Today, two basic theories of electrolysis are being practiced: galvanic and short-wave.  The term "electrolysis" originates from the chemical process of "applying direct electrical current to a solution of salt and water."  This current, applied inside the hair follicle, changes the chemical arrangement of the salt and water molecules to form sodium hydroxide (lye), hydrogen gas, and chlorine gas.  The small amount of lye produced in the follicle is the caustic agent that serves to destroy the papilla (hair root). 

Short-wave electrolysis, or "thermolysis," was first introduced in 1923 by Dr. Bordier of Paris, France.  This method utilizes a radio transmitter that is authorized to transmit at specific FCC approved frequencies.  The probe, when inserted into the follicle, vibrates the water molecules in the follicle at high-frequency range, creating heat.  This heat serves to coagulate the germinative cells in the hair papilla, preventing a recurrence of hair growth.  Short-wave electrolysis is considered  to be superior for its relatively painless nature, less trauma to the skin, and quick cosmetic result.

In 1948, "new" methods of permanent hair removal were introduced which used a combination of galvanic and short-wave techniques.  These "blend" or "dual action" techniques used both the galvanic and short-wave modalities simultaneously. The blend technique is believed to be the greatest innovation in electrolysis, as the galvanic and short-wave modalities may be used separately or simultaneously.  The settings can be easily adjusted for comfort, while maintaining effective disabling of the hair follicle for permanent results.

Electrolysis, by any method, requires a series of treatments to completely eradicate any given area of hair, due to the length of hair growth cycles and temporary methods of removal used before treatment. It takes several months for all the hairs to come in to be treated (a growth cycle), and by the end of the first three months you will see significant improvement!

Electrolysis has become a popular service for men and women, young and old.  Many seek treatment for cosmetic reasons alone, while others seek relief with a doctor's recommendation for medical-related causes.  Electrolysis is safe, relatively painless, and effective for the permanent removal of unwanted facial and body hair.  Although "electrolysis" originally referred to the associated chemical process, the term has become synonymous with "permanent hair removal".

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Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation


Skin resurfacing for smoother, tighter, healthier skin.  Reverses the signs of aging, improves skin tone and elasticity.  Smoothes rough acne-scarred skin; evens blotchy pigmentation problems.

Beginning with your 1st treatment, your skin will feel cleaner and tighter.  A healthy glow and smooth soft skin will give you a younger look right away.  By the 3rd-4th treatment you will begin to see a noticeable difference.  Family, friends and even casual acquaintances will remark that you look younger.

1. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

2. Restores youthful collagen production and increases elastin fiber production

3. Reverses sun-damage and is also effective in preventing the formation of keratoses on the face and neck caused by sun damage

4. Restores acne scarred and rough pitted skin by regenerating new skin cells and can be helpful in preventing future outbreaks

5. Evens skin color differences, patchiness or dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation

6. "Age Spots" are lightened - some disappear entirely

7. Increases micro-circulation to stimulate general skin health and healing, and gives your skin a healthy glow

8. Leaves skin feeling tighter and cleaner

Anti-Aging Facial

Muscle Toning & Skin Hydration

Lifts and tightens facial muscles that support the skin.  For this relaxing facial treatment, we use an Anti-Aging firming gel to help restore your natural beauty and to rehydrate your skin for a more youthfull look.

1. Tightens and tones facial muscles

2. Lifts eyebrows, giving the eyes a more open, younger look

3. Relaxes contracted muscles associated with frown lines

4. Tightens sagging muscles that draw the face down

5. Stimulates collagen production

6. Reduces puffiness around eyes

7. Hydration facial (included) rehydrates dry aging tissues

8. Iontophoresis restores depleted minerals and nutrients to diminish lines and wrinkles

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